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The National Environmental Law Association is Australia’s premier environmental law organisation. Established in 1982 NELA brings together professionals in environment and resources law and related disciplines. It's for anyone interested in environmental law.

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National Environmental Law Association Strategic Plan 2013 – 2015 



Ecological sustainability is pervasive as a guiding principle in the regulation of energy and resources, utilities, pollution control, protecting biodiversity and cultural values, and land use planning and infrastructure.


 Our mission is to harness the expertise of our members and partners to protect the environment by shaping the law through information sharing, analysis and debate.


In 2013 – 2015 we will:
  1. Develop and maintain the NELA website, the National Environmental Law Review and the NELA Bulletin as dynamic, responsive and highly reliable resources;
  2. Develop a regular program of seminars and conferences, either independently or in conjunction with others, to provide a forum for sharing information and debating the practice of environmental law in Australia;
  3. Actively contribute to law and policy debate at a national level through regular submissions developed independently or in conjunction with partner organisations;
  4. Foster research into domestic, international and comparative environmental law through prizes and collaboration with research insitutions;
  5. Continue to build relationships with individuals and organisations in Australia and around the world to benefit from our shared effort, experience and knowledge;
  6. Make more effective use of the media to facilitate our mission and to build NELA’s reputation nationally as a vibrant, engaged and authoritative 

Articles and Reports

A copy of NELA's Constitution -  Download
A copy of President's Report for 2014  - Download 
A copy of President's Report for 2013  -  Download