National Conference 2013 Presentation






Regulating for Sustainable Electricity Market Outcomes:
Asking the Law Question 
  Aileen McHarg    Download
'Twenty years on from the Rio Earth summit':
The environmental law future we need 
  Ben Boer    Download
The Impact of Policy on Regulation:
Should certainty trump the need for flexibility? 
  Elisa de Wit    Download
Where do I start?   Emily Wilson    Download
Climate vs Energy? The challenge of reducing greenhouse emissions while meeting world energy needs    Greg Sullivan    Download
Establishing a National Emissions Trading Program in China Through Regional Experimentations:
Challenges and Prospects 
  Hao Zhang    Download
The Role of Litigation in Multi-Level Climate Change Governance Possibilities for a Lower-Carbon Future?
  Hari Osofsky   Download
Legal Barriers to CSS   Ian Havercroft   Download
Linking Australia's ETS to International Carbon Markets   James White   Download
Emerging issues in local government – green building finance   Jeff Lynn
Trading the Kiwi Way   Karen Price 
Is ESD Killing our Climate?   Kirsty Ruddock   Download 
CGW – Can Green Win?
How to Engage Your Team in Sustainability 
  Lisa Stcokwell   Download
A global perspective on climate action 2012 - 2015:
“the local is global; the global is local“
  Martin Brennan   Download

International Trends in Regulating Carbon Emissions   Michael B. Gerrard   Download
The prospects of coal and carbon capture and storage (CCS) in a low emission future
  Michael Brear   Download
Environmental Dispute Resolution – Lessons From The States   Michael Rackemann
Sustainability at Large Global Law Firms   Michael Voros    Download
Carbon pricing mechanism:
Local Governments and Landfill Operators 
  Paul Palmer   Download
How successful have state schemes been in supporting renewable energy and energy efficiency    Ric Brazzale   Download
Renewable energy law and policy in federations:
what role for states?

Rob Stokes
ESD in the Top End   Roslyn Vickers   Download
Delivering a Clean Energy Future:
Has ESD had its day?
  Simon R Molesworth   Download