NELA Bulletin

NELA members receive a monthly bulletin which is published near the start of every month. Past issues (older than 9 months) are available to the public and can be accessed from the NELA Bulletin Archive.


NELA is in the process of replacing NELR with an open access web portal.

Special Publications

NELA members receive access to one-off NELA publications.

NELA Bulletins

NELA members are emailed the monthly NELA Bulletin which is published on the first Thursday of each month. In addition, members can access the latest copy of NELA Bulletin from within the Members Area on the NELA website.

The NELA Bulletin provides members with up-to-date information on the fast moving developments of environmental law and policy and keeps members informed on up-coming events, submissions, scholarships, grant and employment opportunities and other relevant information.

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Past copies of the NELA Bulletin nine months old and older may be accessed here.

National Environmental Law Review

NELA is in the process of moving from publishing a hard copy edition of the NELR to providing a web portal of regularly updated articles and case law from across Australia. Access to the portal will be freely available from the NELA website.

Electronic copies of the old-style NELR are available below.


    Issue 2013:1     Issue 2013:2    Issue 2013:3   


    Issue 2012:1     Issue 2012:2   Issue 2012:3  


    Issue 2011:1   Issue 2011:2   Issue 2011:3   Issue 2011:4


    Issue 2010:1   Issue 2010:2   Issue 2010:3   Issue 2010:4


      Issue 2009:2   Issue 2009:3   Issue 2009:4  


  Issue 2004:1   Issue 2004:2    


    Issue 2003:2   Issue 2003:3   Issue 2003:4


    Issue 2002:2   Issue 2002:3  

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Special Publications 

Special editions consisting of papers from NELA events are available for members.

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