NELA's Climate Change Working Group

NELA is pleased to introduce our Climate Change Working Group:

The purpose of the Climate Change Working Group is to provide interested, active, and engaged members of NELA an opportunity to contribute and assist NELA in its goal to promote neutral debate and greater understanding on the relationship between climate change and law, specifically through:

  • Research and collation of information;
  • Building knowledge and expertise from the research and information;
  • Collating and sharing the research, information, knowledge, and expertise with other NELA members and appropriate NELA portfolio members;
  • Assisting appropriate NELA portfolio members in transforming the information into educational and law reform resources that can be easily understood by decision makers; and
  • Discussing and debating the major issues relating to climate change and the law.

The Working Group is to:

  • Develop at least three (3) submissions, articles, or video/audio presentations per financial year; and
  • Meet at least once (1) per two months to discuss new developments in the relevant area of environmental law and opportunities for reform.

Comparison of climate change acts around Australia

The NELA Climate Change Working Group have recently undertaken a comparison of climate change laws across Australia. Keep an eye on our legislation tracker to follow legislative developments in the climate change space.

To see our full comparison, download the word document here.

Infographic Aus Climate legislation compared 21 Apr 2024-1
Infographic Aus Climate legislation compared 21 Apr 2024-2